Aoa Academy Walkthrough Guide All The Scenes. But lacking in terms of lewd scenes. It’s also fully updated for episode 4.

AoA Academy Walkthrough & Guide Chapter 5 Gold from

When choosing which girl takes her top off, you can choose all,scenes where only one path is shown now shows all of them; Overall an above average game. You’ll need 2 save slots for this guide.

Merge Game Folder From The Mod With Game Folder Of A.o.a Academy, Then Overwrite When Asked.

Aoa isn't really close to bad in my opinion. Added hints to dialogue that gives points and leads to the best scenes. 1 public 1 | p a g e s hout o ut!

Sep 24, 2020 At 2:21 Am.

Chapter 4 gold game plan: Run unren option 1) extract rpa packages. Known bugs are noted, you may need to install the unofficial hotfix to access some things described in

Chapter 3 Gold Game Plan:

Download (for pc) download (for android) a.o.a. It’s also fully updated for episode 4. This is a repackaged version of the prologue chapter with a few new added things.

You Didn’t Know Where Else.

Academy chapter 5 gold for windows/linux. Overall an above average game. College kings is a lot closer to bad in that there's frat/sorority life vs aoa which feels like a.

You’ll Need 2 Save Slots For This Guide.

This walkthrough will guide your way to finish all routes and unlock all cgs. If you've played through latest update, the only thing aoa does like bad is taking time for character story/development. But lacking in terms of lewd scenes.

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